Our Wine List
Seyval Blanc de Blanc Dry and smooth with citrus overtones. Pairs well with cream sauces & seafood WHITE 0.4   $11.11 
Seyval Blanc de Blanc (Oaked) Our driest wine with a crisp flavor, lightly oaked with green apple - vanilla overtones WHITE 0.4   $13.89 
Elvia Dry and fruity with a natural occurring pineapple flavor, perfect for pork WHITE 1.0   $11.11 
Riesling A dry Riesling with aromas of grapefruit, perfect for poultry or seafood WHITE 1.0   $15.28 
Seyval Blanc A semi-dry wine with overtones of apricot, a real crowd pleaser WHITE 2.0   $11.11 
Delaware A semi-sweet wine that is smooth and mellow with a hint of spice. Buttery finish WHITE 3.0   $9.26 
Pink Catawba A semi sweet wine that is fresh and fruity with a hint of tartness WHITE 5.0   $9.26 
Sweet Seduction A sweet wine with hints of peach and citrus flavors WHITE 8.0   $11.11 
Cabernet Sauvignon A hearty dry red that is locally grown, notes of cocoa & dark cherry,soft finish RED 0.4   $18.52 
Marechal Foch A dry earth wine with a splash of dark cherry and bramble, pairs well with Greek RED 0.6   $13.89 
Noiret A full body dry red with a strong pepper overtone RED 0.8   $15.28 
Vin Terra Rose A dark rose with a soft fruity palate RED 4.3   $9.26 
Chautauqua Eve A sweet fruity red wine that compliments chocolate.great for sweet wine lovers RED 6.0   $9.26 
Sweet Jennie A Fredonia grape based sweet red wine with a light blend of other native grapes RED 8.0   $9.26 
Vino Colada Cherry, pineapple, and coconut combined to make a "Party in Your Mouth" sensation RED 10.0   $9.26 
Cat Rouge A late harvest Catawba blush that is both sweet and tart. A great wine for sharing with friends. BLUSH 10.0   $9.26 
Pink Sexy Sangria New twist to traditional Sangria flavors of melon & orange make this a favorite SANGRIA 10.0   $13.89 
White Sexy Sangria A light and refreshing fruit filled wine with a hint of peach SANGRIA 10.0   $13.89 

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