In The Beginning

I knew I always wanted to build a winery. In preparation of a future winery, I purchased the homestead including the vineyards in 1979. With lots of blood, sweat and wine throughout the years my retirement dream came true in 2006 when my wife, Diane, and I started Noble Winery. We both were very big wine enthusiasts and wanted to share that with our friends. Unfortunately, my wife passed away in 2011 but, our dream lives on in the winery we built together.

I invite you to sign up with us so we can keep you informed on new wines, sales and any events taking place. The winery is for people to come relax and make new friends. I named a wine after a good friend who visited us often. I invite you to visit my winery and experience all that we have to offer. My hope is that you will love our wine and our view as much I do, and not only will you be a customer, but more importantly a friend.


Pete Noble

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